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about me

Ancient and modern mystic teachings have been my passion since I was a child. I loved pattern systems; remember spirographs? Loved those too! Growing up I'd seek out these sorts of people, places and books to learn from. I fell in love with the astrologer and musical composer Dane Rudhyar. Dane was above my 10-year-old head yet something deep inside of me ‘understood’ and the spark was lit.



Think of an evolutionary astrology session as a guided conversation between you, the planets, and your soul. The conversation turns on two questions: Why am I here? What are my lessons?

We begin with something simple: a date, a place, and a time of birth. That's where the story expands, as we explore the meaning of ancient symbols created at the moment of birth. From there the session can travel backward, to leftover lessons from previous lives as revealed in the birth chart, ahead to the present, or even into tomorrow, depending on what your soul is asking you to realize.

yoga & sound

In times of transition, we need what yoga and meditation can provide: flexibility, strength, and stillness.

My yoga classes are designed to connect self with soul and to strengthen the nervous system, preparing us perfectly for this age’s confusions and illusions.

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