Summer Meditation Series

In the Vibhuti Pada it is said that Samyama, or how meditation works, will lead one to direct knowledge of the multiverse within. Sam means together and Yama means discipline. This of course takes time to even begin to master!


I feel a great affection for that devotional part of me, and an equal measure of allure to chapter 3 of the sutras. Verses 26-28 speak to direct insight of the cosmos. The chapter cautions the devotee not to get caught up in subtle realms and mystical abilities, so it’s with practical intention I bring to you this offering.

Thursdays at 6:30 pm, starting June 3 2021

Inner Wakefulness

I’ve been spending Sunday evenings with a group of lucid dreamers from the Buddhist persuasion -- quite the quintessential Pisces practice. The liminal bardo states of dream practice can be experienced as a peaceful paradox. They can also cause confusion, or its darker expression of despair. These are just some of the teachings of Pisces.


Seeing where Pisces lands in your own chart can be a helpful way to connect with your essential self. I like to think the whole world is unwinding. Remember last March to this March? We will be emerging from the ocean womb of Pisces soon, taking new form as we "Equinox" into the astrological new year on March 20th....


Birthing New Belief

Have you ever experienced a power struggle? A reoccurring life situation that continually seems to have power over you? Welcome to the realm of Pluto and Samskara. 


When we shine a light on our desire nature, we start to see something the yogis call Samskara, unconscious impressions of our stored suffering. Honest assessment of those desires requires confronting ourself, our cravings of approval, and a myriad of different things that can hook us....


Storyteller & Listener

Within each geometric aspect there lives primordial symbols that tell stories of qualities, tasks, and seasonal meanings of life.

We live in a critical moment. The sky is filled with story. When we focus on the outside self, the story remains unobserved. I have to admit to being somewhat fatigued with memes and the hyperbole of forecasts. ‘Facts and Beliefs’ -- the coming Age of Aquarius consumes the web. There IS quality among us, but how do we discuss it all?....


The Age of Aquarius

Let's begin to build a bridge between the past and our future, in this great turn of the age. The evolution of consciousness is upon us and works through us in these cycles of time. I see this as a creative and purposeful force each of us can hold even when we feel turned inside out. During these unprecedented times remember that you aren’t alone. We have voice and vision to share that’s been solidifying during this past earthbound period. No one alive today has ever experienced cycles of this magnitude....



Phrases like “it took my breath away” have taken on new meaning in our world. I began the year uncertain, filled with a quest for meaning, and found myself returning to the study of breath methods through the work of breath pioneers Stan Grof and Rick Tarnas. Coincidence? I think not!


We heard the rallying cry “I can’t breathe.” As sacred mantra to soothe my own soul in the wake of so much uncertainty, I repeated the words of Richard Tarnas, “The soul of the world is breathing.” ....